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KUBERACOIN – ICO Countdown KUBERACOIN OneCoin reveals OFC cookie-cutter ERC20 smart contract token Aug 23, 2018 · Earlier today OneCoin revealed it’s latest “big announcement”, regarding what many desperate investors were hoping for a OneCoin points public trading date. That didn’t happen, with OneCoin instead announcing a new OFC ERC20 token ICO. DateCoin (DTC) ICO Review - ICO Token News

Nov 29, 2017 · DateCoin is the highly liquid utility token based on ERC20 standard with price rise mechanics implemented, secured by the growing active audience worldwide. DTC token is a part of dating same-name ecosystem that uses neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms based on working business model with blockchain…

DateCoin ICO - ICOLightHouse DateCoin - platform of ICOs and Token Sales. Invest in DateCoin. Scam Alert: Bitconnect '2.0' Claims Binance Listing for ... A Scam To Rival OneCoin. On social media, reactions overwhelmingly focused on issuing warnings not to interact with the scheme, even if it should succeed in offering new tokens. Others noted the domain name will expire before the alleged launch date. DateCoin (DTC) ICO information and rating | TrackICO

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OneCoin reveals OFC cookie-cutter ERC20 smart contract token

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OneCoin will not go public on October 8th, delayed ... Jul 29, 2018 · At a recent OneCoin event held in Argentina, Konstanin Ignatov has confirmed OneCoin will not be going public on October 8th. After playing heavily to the South American crowd and acknowledging “worried faces”, Konstantin (right) pitches attendees on the Global Leadership Group. Newsi - Best crypto news US prosecutors have arrested one leader of the OneCoin project for stealing billions from investors through the alleged pyramid scheme. Ruja Ignatova and Konstantin Ignatov have been indicted by the State of New York for wire fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering. Ignatov was arrested this week, however, Ignatova remains at large. KUBERACOIN – ICO Countdown KUBERACOIN – ICO Countdown KUBERACOIN

Stattdessen ist jetzt für Oktober 2018 eine Initial Coin Offer (ICO) geplant.“ Der CEO des OneCoin-Netzwerkes Pierre Arens hat diese Informationen inzwischen bestätigt. Die Umwandlung von einem Börsengang zu einem ersten Angebot der Kryptowährung OneCoin ist … DealShaker - уникальная платформа для продвижения Вашего ... October 8th 2018: Release Date OneCoin ICO! October 8th 2018: Release Date OneCoin ICO! Countdown. Тема "Простая". Автор изображений для темы: Petrovich9.Технологии Blogger.Blogger. ICO List of Best ICOs in 2019 | Top New ICO Coins ... Feb 09, 2020 · ICO List of Best New Initial Coin Offerings Top ICO List shows best new ICO coins that are active, upcoming or in discounted pre ICO.Best choice for quality ICOs. Browse the ICO listings to discover new initial coin offerings. DealShaker - уникальная платформа для продвижения Вашего ... Абсолютно любой бизнес нуждается в новых клиентах, а значит, в рекламе. Именно поэтому для рекламы используются сотни разных каналов, от ТВ и газет до контекстной рекламы в интернете и купонных сервисов типа Групона